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Despatch Literature Library

Despatch maintains a large library of product and company brochures and videos, as well as articles that pertain to electronics, healthcare, metals, and materials applications. All of our product and company brochures are available on-line as PDF files. You will need Acrobat Reader to view the following files.

Thermal Processing Spec. Sheets
• FCH Cabinet Furnace
• LAC High Performance Benchtop Oven
• LFC Class A Benchtop Oven
• LBB Forced Convection Benchtop Oven
• LBB Benchtop Oven with Pass-Through Door option
• LCC and LCD Clean Process Benchtop Oven
• LCC2-14 and LCD2-14 Clean Process Cabinet Oven
• MCT4 Process Controller
• PBC Burn-In Cabinet Oven
• PC Series Conveyor Ovens
• PCO2-14 Polyimide Curing Oven
• PRC2-63 Catheter Curing Oven
• PN Series Inert Atmosphere Oven
• Protocol 3™
• Protocol Manager™
• PRVO Paint Sample Drying Oven
• PTC Non-Magnetic Test Oven
• PTC Top Loading Test Oven
• PW Truck-In Oven
• Qmax High Performance Testing Oven
• RAD-RFD1-42 Benchtop Ovens
• RAD Cabinet Ovens
• RFD Class A Cabinet Ovens
• RAF Cabinet Ovens
• RFF Cabinet Ovens
• RBC Benchtop Burn-In Oven
• TAD Walk-In Ovens and Truck-In Ovens
• TFD Walk-In Ovens and Truck-In Ovens
• TAD and TFD Large Capacity Walk In Ovens
• TFF Class A Walk In Furnace
• TAD and TFD Oven Trucks
• Oven Stands
• Industrial Oven Selection Guide
• Composite Curing Systems Brochure
• Electronics Brochure
• Engineering Guide to Effective Heat Processing
• Healthcare Brochure
• Optical Market Brochure
• Materials Brochure
• Downhole-Tool-Calibration Brochure
• Parts and Service Brochure
• Thermal Technology Product Catalog
• Understanding Class A Ovens
• Industrial Cleaning Solutions
• Ovens for Catheter Manufacturing


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