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Despatch offers a variety of clean room ovens that are designed to meet the strict requirements of clean process applications. The ovens that Despatch offers are available in many different sizes and configurations to meet specific temperature and cycle requirements. All clean process ovens have stainless steel interiors and HEPA filters.

HEPA filtration of the air inside the oven allows for a clean environment to cure epoxy or to dry parts. Stainless steel interior and exterior allow for easy cleaning. Despatch clean room ovens offer exceptional thermal performance that consistently produces high quality end product.

Despatch benchtop ovens and lab ovens

HEPA Filtered Conveyor Oven

This vertical down airflow, HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtered, conveyor oven utilizes a pressurized air distribution plenum to supply air outlet uniformity of ±2.8°C (±5°F). Oven provides extremely consistent and repeatable process results at temperatures up to 260°C (500°F) and at better than class 1000 cleanliness. A workhorse oven designed for the most demanding clean process requirements.


LCC2-14 & LCD2-14 Clean Process

Despatch’s LCC/LCD2-14 Clean Process Cabinet Ovens are designed to meet the demands of production and large scale R&D environments. A variety of tailored options are available to meet your specific needs. Typical applications for these ovens include die-bond curing and other semiconductor packaging processes, depyrogenation, sterilizing and drying for life sciences.


PCO2-14 Polyimide Curing Oven

The PCO2-14™ polyimide cure solution is a clean process oven designed for polyimide baking, curing, and sterilizing applications. In many semiconductor manufacturing environments, front-end machines are adapted for polyimide curing. The PCO2-14™ optimizes the polyimide curing process for semiconductor wafer devices.


LCC & LCD Clean Process Benchtop Oven

Despatch's LCC and LCD Clean Process Benchtop Ovens have a stainless steel interior and exterior, rugged, programmable process controls and provide a variety of tailored options for your specific needs. Typical applications for these ovens include die-bond curing and other semiconductor packaging processes, depyrogenation, sterilizing and drying for life sciences.


Despatch clean room ovens are commonly used in the healthcare and medical device markets. Common applications include:

  • Annealing the plastics on syringes and catheters
  • Adhesive curing and coating curing on pacemakers
  • Curing the coating on stents
  • Polymerizing contact lenses
  • Curing the coating on eye glass lenses

Clean room ovens are also used in semiconductor and electronic component manufacturing applications, including:

  • Curing, drying, heating wafers and electronic components
  • Epoxy and adhesive curing
  • Die bond curing
  • Baking of coatings
  • Curing the coating on eye glass lenses

Custom PRC Clean Room Oven for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Despatch PRC Cabinet Oven for Semiconductor Cleanroom

Despatch designed this custom clean room oven for a customer to dry their semiconductor parts in a clean room environment. The cabinet of this oven was sized and configured to maximize the amount of product dried in the oven in each batch and optimize throughput capabilities.

The custom oven features a HEPA filter for Class 10 (ISO Class 4) air quality. The interior of the oven is manufactured with electro-polished 316 stainless steel.

Clean Process LCD Oven for Semiconductor Stress Baking

Despatch LCD Cleanroom oven for semiconductor stress baking

Despatch designed this inert atmosphere clean process oven for a customer in the semiconductor industry performing stress baking of wafers for memory products. This LCD model oven offered lower oxygen content, temperature capabilities up to 350°C and features stainless steel interior and exterior.

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