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Technical Tips / FAQs

Air is blowing out (Leaking) from under the Equipment's Heater Box

Can my Equipment be modified to my new process? (Power Coating, Process Solvents, Combustible or Burnable products, etc.)

Can the Equipment’s operating voltage be changed? (Example: 208/230/240V TO 460/480V)

Do we offer Preventative Maintenance Plan(s) or Program(s)?

Do you provide Training programs or classes?

How do we burn-in the HEPA filters?

How do we calibrate the PROTOCOL™ Control Instrument?

The Control Instrument displays an Error Message.

How do we troubleshoot the DIGITRONIC™ Control Instrument?

How do we troubleshoot the PROTOCOL™ Control Instrument?

My Gas Fired Oven never reaches the process setpoint temperature.

My oven is smoking around the doors or is over pressurized.

The Burner will not go to low fire or flame is excessive unstable flame or is a luminous yellow flame.

There are cold spots or hot spots inside the oven/chamber

Airflow Switch Test

Controller Thermocouple Location

Equipment Clearances

Equipment Venting

Fuel Consumption And Wall Losses

Re-Painting or Re-Caulking Interior

Slow To Reach Temperature: Gas Fired

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