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Our Innovation Center clients enjoy direct access to our highly skilled Despatch Industries engineers who are experts at helping customers solve complex problems. Customers frequently work side-by-side with our engineers to optimize process-critical applications.

This proven approach significantly reduces purchase risk, speeds production, ensures process integrity and saves customers time and money. Despatch Industries has executed over 3,000 Innovation Center projects that have assisted our customers in developing advanced process technologies in aerospace, energy, electronics and healthcare.

Solar Innovations

Our clients enjoy direct access to highly skilled Despatch scientists and engineers who are experts at process optimization and helping customers solve complex problems. The Despatch Innovation Center is equipped with process tools and metrology specific to the manufacturing and performance analysis of photovoltiac cells and works with universities, laboratories and leading manufacturers around the world.

The Center also serves as a Research and Development hub for our solar business. Our solar partners are allowed unlimited access to our equipment to perform wafer testing under specific parameters. Allowing this level of access ensures that our customers are satisfied with the performance of the equipment and they are completely confident that they will achieve their desired results.

The Innovation Resources wafer testing program allows clients the opportunity to test their own wafers on Despatch equipment within a controlled environment. During this program clients work side-by-side with industry leading experts who help plan and execute tests, while cataloging data for post tests reporting.

Carbon Fiber Innovations

Our carbon fiber customers also benefit from the research and testing performed at the Innovation Center. Despatch engineers spend significant time testing temperature tolerances, airflow, nozzle structures and all other components and features to be sure that our equipment and patented processes provide the highest levels of technology and the best materials available in the world.

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