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Despatch manufactures a wide range of industrial ovens and furnaces designed to accommodate a variety of load sizes and production volumes. Despatch is known for tighter temperature tolerances, higher yields and consistent, repeatable results. Our industrial ovens deliver invariable, uniform temperature for as long as the oven is in service thanks to its solid build quality and design. We also go to great lengths to move our products to market faster, providing short lead times and quick delivery.

For thermal processing applications where load size or production volumes vary substantially, batch processing is the optimal solution. Batch ovens are also ideal for situations that require a high degree of flexibility in terms of process variables such as temperature or dwell (soak) time. Our batch oven line includes forced convection ovens, pass-through ovens, inert atmosphere ovens, HEPA filtered ISO Class 5 clean room ovens and Class A ovens.

For high-volume, repeatable thermal processing, continuous operation may be the optimal approach. Despatch continuous ovens offer conveyor widths from 46 to 91 centimeters with electric or gas heat. Conveyor ovens help ensure consistent thermal processing times for each part in high-volume applications, such as manufacturing electronic components or automotive parts. Conveyor ovens may also allow several discrete processes to be combined, reducing material handling and increasing throughput

Benchtop Ovens and Lab Ovens

Despatch laboratory ovens are high-performing and solidly built using corrosion-resistant materials. Our standard line of benchtop ovens includes: forced convection ovens, high performance laboratory ovens, industrial production ovens, Class A ovens, benchtop furnaces, stackable clean process ovens, test ovens and burn-in ovens.


Industrial Cabinet Ovens and Furnaces (Reach-in Ovens)

Despatch cabinet ovens are designed for easy reach-in loading and unloading. Our standard line of cabinet ovens includes: forced convection ovens, lab ovens, industrial production ovens, cabinet furnaces, clean process ovens, polyimide curing ovens, catheter curing ovens, paint sample curing ovens, inert atmosphere ovens, and top loading ovens.


Industrial Walk-in Ovens and Truck-in Ovens

Despatch walk in and truck in ovens are suitable for loading manually or by fork truck. These batch ovens are designed for industrial ruggedness, excellent process control, and dependable operation. Our standard line of truck-in ovens feature large chamber capacities from 52 to 952 cubic feet and temperature ranges from 650°F to 1000°F.


Industrial Conveyor Ovens for Continuous Processing

Despatch Conveyor Ovens are designed for process versatility and reliability. They achieve superior air temperature uniformity on all interior parts due to high-volume, vertical down airflow. Options include Class A models specifically designed for flammable solvents and a HEPA filtered model for applications that require Class 1000 cleanliness


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