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Burn-in Ovens
Integrated Circuits (IC’s) and other electronic devices are burned in at elevated temperatures to stress and exercise the devices under test.  The high temperatures force early failure, known as “infant mortality”, at this point rather than later when they are in use in a finished product.  This dramatically improves the reliability of the product.

Despatch burn-in ovens are engineered specifically for applications such as high dissipation forward bias, high-temperature reverse bias, dynamic and static burn-in of IC, RAM, ROM, microprocessors and other semiconductor devices.

During burn-in the temperature rises as the air travels across the chamber due to the heat dissipated by the devices.  High volume recirculation fans maintain consistent, uniform temperatures required by MIL STD 883 while removing heat generated by the load.

Test Ovens
Despatch offers several ovens that are specifically designed to meet your testing needs. Top-loading PTC ovens are used for burn-in and performance qualification testing of down-hole electronic logging equipment. Typical processes include simulating down-hole conditions for oil well drilling and calibration.

The Qmax Benchtop oven delivers the frequent air changes and uniformity required by ASTM 5423 Type I & Type II. These ovens can be used for applications such as thermal evaluation of electrical insulating materials and other testing applications where tight temperature uniformity is required

The PRVO is a batch oven designed for laboratory testing of paint finishes used in automotive and other high volume applications. The PRVO has the ability to test paints, including flammable solvent based paints, for temperature, ramp rates, curing time with gas or electric heat.

Custom Burn-In Ovens and Test Ovens

Burn-In of Semiconductor Devices

Manufacturers of ICs, RAM and ROM modules, microprocessors and other semiconductor devices use ovens to test or burn-in their devices at elevated temperatures to identify early product failures and ensure long-term reliability. Many customized solutions are available to meet customer needs. We work with customers to provide custom controls, loading and unloading, cooling systems and more. Despatch also offers the standard model PBC/PNC Burn-in Chambers which are ideal for semiconductor burn-in and testing.

Despatch designed a custom LCC oven configured for Class A environments with the controls repositioned on the side of the oven. The front of the oven was attached to an isolation barrier to allow both the load and unload areas to be located in clean room environments.