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Medical glassware, medical device, pharmaceuticals

Sterilization applications are a critical part of the pharmaceutical and health industries as well as research-oriented laboratories attached to medical care, biotechnology and various other fields.

Hot air sterilization using an oven is the most common method of sterilization as temperatures can be elevated to high levels and a wide variety of devices and instruments can be sterilized safely and effectively. Items that are often sterilized by dry heat, hot air sterilization include glassware and stainless steel equipment.

Despatch offers a selection of sterilizing ovens that feature a variety of chamber sizes and temperature capabilities.

Pharmaceutical market:

  • Glass vial sterilization - vials are loaded onto stainless steel trays with covers and placed into the oven for processing
  • External decontamination of pre-sterilized products prior to using in a clean room environment

Medical device market:

  • Sterilizing syringes
  • Sterilizing metal orthopedic components for replacement hips, knees, shoulders
  • Sterilizing metal surgical rods and staples