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Despatch has designed and manufactured a custom conveyor oven for a global surgical device supplier. The oven features a 44” wide stainless steel flat wire process belt that passes through a 500°F heated zone, then through a cooling zone with ambient air cooling. Further cooling time is provided on an extended outfeed section which is equipped with an exhaust hood that can be ducted to a customer supplied stack. The oven is also equipped with HEPA fresh air filters in the heating and cooling zones to help maintain low particulate air within the process chambers.

Despatch provided a detailed FAT acceptance test on completion of this project. To ensure the oven was designed and adjusted properly prior to leaving the factory, the customer sent a set of specialized trays used in their process to incorporate into the FAT acceptance protocol. Despatch test technicians and engineers used their understanding of oven dynamics and heat transfer, as well as documentation from similar ovens, to rapidly set up and execute the acceptance test and approve the unit for shipment.

Despatch industrial conveyor oven for sterilizing surgical staples

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