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Industrial Oven Accessories & Options

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Protocol 3™ Controller

Protocol 3™ is a microprocessor based temperature and hi-limit controller designed to make oven operation simple and flexible. It provides a level of temperature control, versatility, and operational simplicity unmatched in the industry. 
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Protocol Manager™

Protocol Manager™ enables a single operator to communicate between a personal computer and multiple ovens equipped with Protocol 3™ controllers.  
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Chart Recorders

Round and strip chart recorders provide a permanent record of your process temperatures. All recorders are factory installed and tested.  
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Temperature Probe Kit

Allows product temperature to be monitored without opening oven door. A two-channel, hand-held digital instrument is conveniently housed in a mounting bracket installed on the side of the oven. 
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Ports are available for routing test wires or probes from other equipment. Two inch ports can be positioned in rear or side of LBB and LAC ovens. 
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Interior Light

An interior light improves visibility in large ovens or dark locations, to allow viewing of the heating process. This light is mounted in the oven wall protrudes approximately 1.5in (3.8cm) into the chamber. 
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Trucks & Carts

Products may be moved into and out of ovens by a wide variety of material handling equipment. Despatch can engineer truck and cart solutions from simple manual systems to complex automated systems. 
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Shelves let operators prepare one set of materials while another set is in the oven. Shelves are rated at 50 lbs (22.7 KG) or 200 lbs (91 KG) capacity each. 
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Oven Stands

Stands provide storage area for racks of material coming in or out of the oven and provide ergonomic access to the oven. Stands are available for LAC and LBB lab ovens and can be ordered from the online parts store.
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