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Despatch Protocol 3 industrial oven controller


A Microprocessor Based Oven Controller

Protocol 3™ is a microprocessor based temperature and hi-limit controller designed to make oven operation simple and flexible. It provides a level of temperature control, versatility, and operational simplicity unmatched in the industry. The control portion utilizes a time-proportioning voltage signal to control heating devices with minimal temperature fluctuations.

Easy To Operate

Protocol 3™ is easy to use for both simple and complex applications. Temperatures are displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius on a large, bright LCD display. Six indicator lights provide an at-a-glance review of the oven's operating status. The easy to read LCD display also provides detailed information on oven status with clear real-text messages and simplifies programming of temperature and time parameters with user-friendly menus.

Operating Modes

Protocol 3™ provides three operating modes in one versatile, easy-to-use package:

  • Manual Mode: A single set point mode that enables the oven to operate continuously at a fixed temperature until turned off.
  • Timer Mode: A single set point mode with timer control that enables the oven to operate at a fixed temperature for a user-selected time period, then automatically turns off.
  • Profile Mode: A multiple set point mode that enables the temperatures to increase or decrease as desired into "ramp and soak" profiles. These profiles can be created using 255 segments that can be allocated in up to 64 programs. They can be linked to provide additional temperature combinations. These can be named for easy selection. A bar graph on the LCD display shows profile and current segment progress.

Datalogging Functionality

The Protocol 3™ datalogging function allows for logging important process data for reporting and analyzing. The controller has linear outputs in several conventions (0-10 mV, 2-10mV,0-20MA, and 4-20mA) to drive a host of recording devices. Internal temperature recording is available and accessible via a USB port. The USB port can also serve to upload and download temperature profile recipes.


Protocol 3™ has three options for calibration of the controller:

  • Single set point calibration where a single point on the controller is calibrated to a data
    point from an external monitor.
  • Two point calibration where 2 point on the controller are calibrated to two data points from an external monitor.
  • Factory calibration where the calibration is returned to factory settings.


Protocol 3™ can be used in an electric or gas oven. The controller has an end of cycle option, recovery from power failure option and options for set point temperature hold that include; above set point, below set point and band over and under set point. Multiple configurations are available to accommodate almost any oven.

Remote operation, programming and data logging

The Despatch Protocol Manager network utility software enables the operation of up to 32 Protocol 3™ and/or Protocol Plus controllers from a single, remote PC using RS485 communication.

More information on Protocol Manager Software

Upgrade your old Protocol Controller to the Protocol 3 | Kit includes a Protocol 3 controller attached to a panel to match size of Protocol panel with a power switch. All required electrical connections, USB drive with oven configuration files and the Protocol 3 Manual. .

LAC Spec SheetProtocol 3 Spec Sheet


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