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Focal Point™ offers precise process control with lead-lag temperature control and an advanced recipe editor for programming temperature and vacuum profiles, and for controlling fans and dampers. During the curing cycle, run status and all process values can be monitored from the display panel. Focal Point also allows manual override of recipes to control thermocouple selection, temperature and vacuum set-points, and alarm deviation limits.

Focal Point™ software logs all process data in a secure database, which can be accessed by a plant computer system. Data can be organized into one of Focal Point’s standard reports or any custom report format..

LAC Responsive imageLAC Responsive image

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Standard Features:
  • PC-based system with Ethernet communication
  • Profile recipe entry and storage
  • Recipe override to modify temperature and vacuum set-points, ramp rates and alarm limit
  • All relevant process data is saved on system PC and can be accessed from plant computer system
  • Standard and customized reporting capability to validate process
  • Vacuum system can be monitored and controlled from display
  • Controlled ramp rates from 1°F/min to 10°F/min
  • High-limit control turns off heater if temperature exceeds user-defi ned limits
  • Part thermocouples and vacuum transducers can be quickly enabled, disabled, certifi ed or calibrated from the display





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