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Lab Oven for Computer Memory Burn-in Testing

As part of a quality control measure, a manufacturer of DRAM, Flash and Solid-State Drives uses burn-in ovens to rigorously test every product they sell. Their burn in process requires operation from -40°C up to 150°C. The Despatch RBC1-50 burn-in oven with a 5 cubic foot chamber, is used to handle small batches and special or long-term testing for R&D purposes. The ovens use were designed to be portable and take up minimal space. It also utilizes an LN2 system which works as a boost for cooling. A digital programmable control is used for controlling the various features of the RBC.

Designed specifically for burn in processes, the rear panel of the oven is removable to allow installation of the equipment used for testing the boards. The integrator installs a burn in board rack for connecting the boards inside the oven. Special connections were added in the rear of the chamber to allow connection to the customer’s equipment for communications, power and light signals.

Memory devices including DRAM, Flash and Solid-State Drives are used in many electronics from smart phones, cars, computers and other electronics. A burn in process is required to eliminate premature failures within these devices. The dynamic burn-in process cycles power to the boards within the oven at various temperatures depending on the requirements of the test. The burn in process requires high airflows to maintain a uniform temperature within the oven. The high airflow is used to remove the heat given off by the electronics; it is then cooled by the refrigeration system. Tests are typically performed at 80°C or 125°C. These tests can last from 1 hour up to 3 weeks or more. As memory gets used in more applications, this testing will continue to be a requirement to minimize infant mortalities and improve the reliability of the memory chips.

The Despatch RBC1-50 oven meets strict performance requirements, including CE and UL. The oven was designed to use minimal floor space usage and provides simple utility connections. The RBC is a stackable oven with clean sides to allow stacking units side by side. A plug is available along with LN2 and CDA connections in the rear of the oven for quick setup. Casters and leveling legs are available for easy relocation.

Despatch RBC Stackable Burn-in oven

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