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Manufacturers of ICs, RAM and ROM modules, microprocessors and other semiconductor devices use ovens to test or burn-in their devices at elevated temperatures to identify early product failures and ensure long-term reliability. During the burn-in process chips or electronic assemblies are powered up in a test fixture and run through a test sequence of varying voltages and temperatures to eliminate weak devices. Chip manufacturers test statistical samples or all devices to identify individual devices that are prone to failure.

Despatch works with customers to provide custom controls, loading and unloading, cooling systems and more. A key feature of all burn-in ovens is the large opening in the rear wall for the burn-in test hardware. A test fixture is installed through this port so there is a stack of receptacles on the back wall of the chamber. Corresponding racks are installed in the chamber. For testing, multiple burn-in boards, each with multiple devices are positioned in the racks and inserted into the test receptacles. Despatch offers standard model Burn-in Chambers which are engineered specifically for applications such as high dissipation forward bias, high-temperature reverse bias, dynamic and static burn-in of IC, RAM, ROM, microprocessors and other semiconductor devices.

Despatch burn-in oven for semiconductor device testing

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