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Bench-top Oven for Uniform Adhesive Curing

A customer wanted to use the Despatch LAC2-18 bench-top oven for curing an adhesive used to mount a high-mass (8-pound) structure to a thick-gauge aluminum plate. Temperature uniformity needed to be confirmed before a decision could be made since just a slight variance will damage the parts. The customer supplied us with three parts which were loaded onto three shelves in a LAC2-18. Each product was outfitted with a thermocouple in order to be able to measure the product temperature, plus three thermocouples to measure the air temperature on each level. The resulting temperature range can be seen in below chart; all six thermocouples are within +/- 0.7°C.

Despatch LAC cabinet oven uniformity test

Despatch LAC cabinet oven

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