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New Mirrored and Transparent OLED Displays From Samsung Push The Envelope In Electronics

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Samsung continues to push the envelope in the electronics industry, this time introducing a new series of prototype mirrored and transparent OLED displays in Hong Kong.

The new mirrored displays look like something from the future, enabling you to see your reflection in the display while simultaneously projecting text, images, and video.

An extremely crisp and clear mirror image on a reflective surface is made possible thanks to 3D cameras from Intel, easily topping the quality you would get from pixels alone.

The transparent displays, on the other hand, were designed with advertising in mind, allowing digital ads to play on clear panels for a new kind of marketing.

While Samsung has yet to confirm whether or not the new mirrored and transparent OLED displays will be a consumer product in the near future, the company does claim the displays are sharper, clearer, and more colorful than rival products.

With that it mind, don’t be surprised to see these displays being sold to the public sooner rather than later.