“Electrify America” Has Completed First Cross-Country Route

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Electrify America has announced that the first cross-country route in the United States has materialized, which means that EV drivers can now travel coast to coast without fearing they’ll run out of juice.

The goal of “Electrify America” is to install fast DC chargers across the country, while also developing the supporting infrastructure, working in making EV transportation more accessible, and educate people on the associated concepts.

For this, they have laid out a $2 billion investment plan that covers 45 states and foresees the creation of two cross-country routes. One of the two routes has now been completed, and thus, a key milestone has been reached.

This first route stretches over 2,700 miles (4345 km) from Washington DC to Los Angeles, while the charging stations are spaced 70 miles (113 km) apart. That should be enough for most EVs to charge at every other station in the worst-case scenario.

Electrify America’s chargers are open for all EV cars, so it doesn’t matter if you’re driving a Tesla, an Audi, or a Chevrolet.

This is why charging times vary, so the time you need to spend on the charging stations depends on the EV model you’re using. The issue of “range anxiety” has gradually started to wane, as multiple companies including Tesla are installing EV charging stations in the U.S. Another key factor is that newer electric car models are capable of longer ranges. Most electric vehicles today can reach 200 miles of range on a single charge, while some of them go up to 400 miles (643 km).

This is pretty amazing, and in large countries like the United States, it is highly crucial for the adoption of the emerging technology of EV. All that said, “Electrify America” is driving the final nails in the “range anxiety” coffin.

The company promised the second coast-to-coast route to be ready by September, while the rest of the country will be covered within 2021.

Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay
Source: Electrify America