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ChargePoint and Stem: Combining EV-Charging with Battery Storage Solutions


The EV charging network company ChargePoint, and the battery storage solutions provider and software company Stem will together accelerate EV charging and battery storage for fast charging networks along highway corridors. The companies will combine EV charging with battery storage in addition to energy management powered by AI. The goal is to achieve a decrease in operating costs, help achieve sustainability goals, and to add resiliency.

As said by the CEO of ChargePoint Pasquale Romano, “An integrated ChargePoint and Stem solution broadens the number of sites that can support high-speed charging economically at scale”, while the CEO of Stem John Carrington said that “Stem is excited to partner with ChargePoint to help customers quickly design, develop, and operate cost-effective EV charging infrastructure projects that deliver real value”.

Businesses can benefit from this model as utility bills for the EV location will be reduced, and battery storage will help during high-demand periods. ChargePoint will analyze the demand for EV charging at locations where a DC charge is planned, and determine if the conditions for incentive programs are met, as well as determine whether a battery storage system would be beneficial. The funding program is covering up to 80% of the project costs of EV charging stations including the acquisition, installation, and connection of the station, as well as operation, maintenance, and data sharing.

Both companies will also integrate the Express Plus platform from ChargePoint with the clean energy management platform Athena from Stem. The Express Plus is able to deliver up to 500 kW power output to a single port. The federal government is investing billions of dollars in EV charging infrastructure. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law includes $7.5 billion for EV charging for highways and communities for building 500,000 EV chargers, and funding programs such as the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) help the acceleration of the infrastructure development that will answer the increasing demand for EV charging.

Photo by Michael Marais on Unsplash