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CBD Decarboxylation Oven

A CBD oil manufacturer needed an industrial oven for decarboxylation. Dried hemp is put into the oven bulk loaded onto pans that are loaded on racks and wheeled into the oven. The result is that the CBD oil can be extracted more readily from the baked decarboxylated plant matter which increases the yield in the process.

A Despatch TFD3-21 industrial oven was modified to suit the specific requirements of the decarb process. A 316L stainless steel interior was needed to prevent corrosion from the terpenes released from the hemp during the decarboxylation process. The oven was configured with modulating dampers, exhaust fan with a variable frequency drive and a Watlow F4T with ten thermocouples with jack panels inside the oven. Due to the volatility of the materials a Class A oven is required as well as a fire suppression system.

CBD oil is a component in cannabis or hemp and is increasingly being used for medical purposes to treat ailments including epilepsy, Tourette’s, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, pain relief, insomnia, inflammation and others. CBD is not a psychoactive ingredient and does not get you high. CBD oil is mixed into many forms for human or animal consumption, including pills, gummies, tinctures, vape products and lotions.

Despatch CBD Decarboxylation Oven for decarbing hemp

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