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Despatch composite curing oven

Composite curing oven with integrated vacuum bagging system for hydrofoil surfboard manufacturing

Foil surfboarding is becoming a hot new trend due to the unique sensation of floating on top of the water. Hydrofoil wings also expand surfboarding beyond the big waves of the coast to the inland lakes.

Increasing demand for foil surfboards creates production challenges.

Due to rapidly increasing demand, a manufacturer of these boards reached out to Despatch for a solution for curing the resin shell of the boards. They needed an oven that was large enough to keep up with their production schedule. The boards are long, and bulky, making oven volume and fast unloading and loading of boards a concern. The boards are made of composite materials which require vacuum bagging while in process. And because there are solvents present, the oven also had to carry a Class A rating.

Despatch TFD3-48 high-capacity composite curing oven with integrated vacuum bagging.

The Despatch TFD3-48 walk-in oven with 476 cubic foot capacity is large enough to accommodate the customer’s daily production goals and make the loading and unloading of boards a safe and efficient operation. Despatch TFD Class A ovens are specifically designed to meet NFPA 86 requirements for applications that include flammable solvents. These ovens are equipped with a modern touchscreen controller. The controller can be programmed with up to 40 ramp/soak profiles. Data-logging functionality enables reporting and analyzing, and data files can be exported via the controller’s USB port. A vacuum pump skid, manifold, piping, and transducers were fully integrated and ready to be connected to the customer’s vacuum line.

Despatch provides turnkey solution that meets customer requirements

Despatch was able to provide a turnkey solution for this process critical application. The customer will be able to realize an ROI much sooner due to the increased production a large oven will provide. Having the oven equipped with the vacuum system will allow for easy, and rapid start up. Lifting lugs were added for easy loading and unloading into the confined entry to the customer’s production facility. With ITW EAE’s streamlined manufacturing process, the lead time for this modified oven was much less than other providers could offer.

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