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Stackable Research Laboratory Oven Saves Space

Whether part of a university or government science and technology program or a research and development center for commercial industry, laboratories need ovens for a wide range of functions and applications. Space in these laboratories is often limited and highly valued. The Despatch LCD1-16 is a perfect solution for labs that need multiple ovens, since up to three of these ovens can be stacked together saving valuable floor space. This configuration also works well if you have small batches that require short process times and you don’t want to affect other batches.

With a wide range of thermal processing requirements, laboratory ovens need to have the capacity and versatility to meet the most challenging applications. The LCD1-16 comes with stainless steel construction and HEPA filtration for clean process applications. It can be equipped with nitrogen for applications that require low oxygen to prevent oxidation. The LCD has a maximum temperature of 500°F and extremely tight temperature uniformity. Typical applications for these ovens include polymer curing, depyrogenation, sterilizing and drying.

When conducting experiments for technology and science research, it is critical to keep records to trace the effectiveness of each process. The LCD1-16 comes with the Protocol 3™ microprocessor-based temperature and hi-limit controller. The data-logging functionality enables reporting and analyzing, and data files can be exported via the controller's USB port. Modbus RS485 communications are included for easy data access.

Stacked Despatch LCC lab oven saves room in cleanroom laboratory

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