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Despatch received an order for a PNF Inert Atmosphere Furnace for its beryllium copper aging process. A precondition of the order was that a test be performed to confirm that a uniformity of +/- 10°F at 1000°F could be maintained.

A Despatch engineer was sent to the customer’s facility to perform a field nine-point temperature uniformity test on the Despatch furnace currently in use. The oven was programmed to ramp and soak at three different temperatures and data collected. The furnace performed even better than expected with temperature uniformity between +/- 4.3° and 6.8°F (2.4°C and 3.8°C). The furnace is designed with adjustable recirculating air louvers that allow fine tuning to ensure uniform airflow.

Despatch PNF cabinet oven uniformity test results confirm aging application requirements

Despatch PNF cabinet oven for high-temperature aging

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