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Walk-in Drying Oven for 3D Printed Pharmaceuticals

3D Printing revolutionizes pharmaceutical industry

Additive Manufacturing has made its way into the pharmaceutical space - leading to new therapies. 3D printing layer-by-layer enables the formulation of customized dosages and delivery methods that are not possible with conventional pharmaceutical production. It also allows for greater customization and personalization and reduces drug development time.

Oven required for drying pharmaceutical tablets after binder jet printingn
A pharmaceutical provider using additive manufacturing needed a production oven to dry solution from medications after binder jet printing. A stainless steel exterior and interior was requested for cleanliness, which is crucial when manufacturing ingestible drugs. The oven needed to safely handle flammable Isopropyl alcohol. The drying process requires a high degree of consistency and temperature uniformity to ensure quality of the final product.

Production involves loading trays of product onto a cart that can be rolled into the oven for batch processing. Airflow needed to be delivered horizontally to ensure even distribution across all trays and maintain uniform temperature throughout the workspace.

Despatch TFD3-10 Truck-in oven was the perfect solution
The Despatch solutions was the TFD3-10 truck loaded oven with horizontal laminar airflow. The truck-in oven is designed for quick and easy loading and unloading, and its stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean and maintain. The oven's precise temperature control and uniform air flow ensure consistent drying results. The Class A oven includes all equipment required by the NFPA for safe handling of flammable solvents.

Despatch also provided a stainless steel truck with enough shelves to allow preloading the next batch while one is in the oven.

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