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Conveyor Oven for COVID 19 Testing

Considering the recent pandemic, a global medical technology company that provides solutions for testing and diagnostics needed two ovens for diagnostic COVID-19 testing. They ordered a PCC1-75 to use for a pilot line and a PCC1-75 for the production line. The Despatch ovens with stainless steel interior and exterior will be used for drying.

Perforated panel were incorporated above belt for laminar flow to keep small lightweight parts from being disturbed. Two 6” fresh air dampened ports were included on the roof to support positive chamber pressure needed for temperature uniformity. The heat chamber of the PCC1-75 was extended to 84 inches. Even though these ovens required some modifications, Despatch was able to come up with a solution that allowed us to meet the expedited delivery request.

Despatch conveyor oven for drying COVID-19 test samples

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