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Automated Preheating of Medical Device Compression Molds

A manufacture of medical devices including intraocular lens implants and laparoscopic ports for abdominal surgery recently purchased several Despatch Conveyor ovens for its automated production line. The polymer material used in these devices is compression molded and an oven is required to preheat the aluminum molds to 285°F. The process requires tight temperature control with very little temperature variance. The company was looking for a conveyorized cleanroom oven that could be integrated into their automation system.

The Despatch PCC1-40 conveyor oven matched all the requirements with some small modifications. These modifications allow control from and reporting to their automation system. A single setpoint controller provides easy and convenient communication protocols. The automation system had to control fan, temperature setpoint and conveyor speed and needed to monitor temperature, conveyor speed and alarm status.

Despatch end-to-end conveyor oven for preheating medical device compression molds

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