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PTC1-40 Industrial Oven Modified

PTC1-40 Industrial Oven Modified for Heat Treating Wire Stock

Heat treating wire stock application
A metal manufacturing company needed an oven to heat treat wire stock that contains graphite. The company makes a variety of steel rods and wires

A solution designed for a different market meets the requirements for unique application

The PTC1-40 is a top-loading oven specifically designed for burn-in, qualification testing and calibration of oil and gas downhole drilling instruments. The long narrow chamber is the perfect size for this wire stock application and the heavy-duty build can stand up to the harsh industrial environment. The unique Marinite end caps on the PTC can be machined to size and allow the wire stock to pass through the oven from one end to the other.

With some modifications the PTC proves to be an effective solution.
A custom adjustable stand was added to bring the center of the chamber to the height of the product line. The product running through the oven contains graphite, so Despatch provided a sheathed duct heater to resist conductivity of the graphite. A sealed electrical panel with a Protocol 3 controller was provided to prevent migration of dust particles. A variable speed drive was provided to adjust the CFM of the recirculation fan. The paint color of the oven and stand were modified to black to match the customers equipment line.

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