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RFD2-19 Cabinet Oven for Post Processing 3D Printed Parts

A 3D Printing customer required an oven for post processing of 3D printed parts. Despatch provided the customer with a stainless-steel RFD2-19. The customer uses the oven for two processes. The first thermal processing step is curing/crosslinking of the printed metal parts inside a build box at specific temperatures to provide enough strength to allow handling of the parts for secondary processes such as de-powdering. In the second step the powdered metal parts are loaded into the oven for thermal de-binding which removes the residual binder material from the metal parts prior to sintering.

The oven was designed with side controls and two position dampers. It also included a differential pressure gauge with a -5" to 5" WG range to measure chamber pressure, a nitrogen connection on the rear of the oven piped to a Rotometer, 7" clearance channels under the oven body to allow the build box cart to roll up to the oven face and a VFD on the recirculation fan to allow equal performance in all markets regardless of voltage/frequency. Additional electrical controls were provided for auxiliary heating of the build box.

Despatch’s technical expertise allowed for quick solutions and helped the customer improve their processes.

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