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Resonac: New Chip Packaging R&D Center in the U.S.


The Japanese chip materials manufacturer Resonac (formerly known as Showa Denko) plans to invest in a new chip Packaging Solution Center (PSC) in the U.S., which will be a Research and Development (R&D) center.

According to Reuters, this facility will specialize in advanced semiconductor packaging and will be located in Silicon Valley. The reason for this location is the large concentration of U.S. semiconductor manufacturers, as well as leading companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, and NVIDIA in this region. The center is expected to begin operations in 2025 after installing a clean room and equipment.

This Japanese company is a leading provider of packaging materials for semiconductors, such as films. This step of the chip manufacturing process is seen as crucial for advanced chip technology. Hence, the U.S. launched a $3 billion program for advanced packaging capabilities for semiconductors.

According to Resonac’s news release, the company “plans to capture real-time trends and the latest concepts in packaging technology for cutting-edge semiconductors including AI semiconductors, and reflect them in the development of new materials.

Founded in 1939, Resonac Holdings Corporation is a Japanese chemical company that produces chemical and industrial materials for various fields. According to their website, the companies Showa Denko K.K. and Showa Denko Materials Co., Ltd. merged into two new companies: the holding company Resonac Holdings Corporation and the manufacturing company Resonac Corporation. Both companies are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Article Source: Reuters
Image by Tobias Dahlberg from Pixabay