Neutrogena’s iPhone Scanner Gives You a Detailed Analysis of Your Skin

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Neutrogena has developed a new device which is capable of telling you way more about your skin than you probably want to know.

The SkinScanner, which attaches to the top of your iPhone, essentially takes a magnified look at your skin, offering everything wrong with it in excruciating detail.

In fact, the SkinScanner can measure moisture content, identify fine lines and wrinkles, and even examine your pores in a quick sweep.

Working in tandem with the Skin 360 app, the scanner utilizes 12 LED lights, a 30x magnifier and a moisture detector at the edge of the camera.

From there, the device’s AI compares your skin data to optimal skin results for your age group, and then recommends potential fixes through you guessed it… Neutrogena products.

The Johnson & Johnson-owned company’s target market is younger users who are familiar with smartphone tech and looking for a new way to interact with skincare.