Microsoft Prototype Smartphone Detects and Reacts To Gestures Before You Touch It

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The title sounds a bit confusing but there is no good way to describe how Microsoft’s new prototype smartphone works.

Essentially, the device can detect the user’s fingers hovering over the screen and will pull up buttons before you even touch the phone.

Equipped with sensors, the prototype smartphone reacts to hover gestures and literally predicts when someone is about to interact with it.

The super smartphone also recognizes the position of your hands, so if you are watching a movie and holding the device with both hands on each side, the pause, rewind, and fast forward controls automatically pop up in the middle of the screen.

On the other hand, if the phone is being held in a vertical position, certain buttons will pop up near your thumb for easy accessibility.

With such an intuitive interface heading our way, it would be logical to assume that we’ll have smartphones we’ll never have to touch again in the near future.

Goodbye germs!