Hyperloop One Shipped a Pod Down a Vacuum-Sealed Tube at a Blistering 310km/h

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Hyperloop One is getting closer to doing the unthinkable.

In fact, they recently hit a major milestone by successfully testing a 8.5m-long hyperloop pod in the Nevada desert.

Hyperloop One sent a pod barreling down a concrete, vacuum-sealed tube at an insane 310km/h, at 60,960m above sea level.

Initially, an electric propulsion system helped bring the pop up to speed and from there the wheels retracted so that the magnetic levitation system could take over.

While 310km/h is impressive, Hyperloop One hopes to eventually hit 400km/h on the test track.

These speeds are still a far cry from the 800km/h speeds planned for the Abu Dhabi-to-Dubai route, however the test represents a major step towards to the hyperloop coming to fruition.

For now, we can sit back and enjoy the test footage: