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Ford Has Designed an Innovative Smart Crib Capable of Simulating Long Car Rides

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A long car ride and sleep seem to go together.

That is, unless you are the driver, in which it is highly recommended you stay awake for the duration of the trip.

As a passenger, the smooth ride on the highway, accompanied with sounds of the tires and engine lend to making falling asleep a rather easy endeavor.

Ford has developed an innovative smart crib based upon the idea we as humans sleep better due to the characteristics of car rides.

Unfortunately, only little humans get to enjoy the crib, called the Max Motor Dreams, which comes equipped with LED lights, speakers, and an advanced movement system.

The LEDs are designed to mimic streetlights, while the speakers create shallow engine noise, and movement systems is capable of providing vibrations and different rocking options similar to a car’s movements.

At the moment, the smart crib is more or less a concept, even though Ford España is giving one away at the moment as part of a sweepstakes.

Hopefully, we’ll see a similar product come out for adults in the near future!