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Emerson Wins IoT Breakthrough’s Top Industrial IoT Award for Sixth Straight Year


Emerson has done it again. The American multinational won the IoT Breakthrough “Industrial IoT Company of the Year”. The announcement was made earlier this year and represents the sixth consecutive time the company has been recognized as the most disruptive name in the industry.

Despite the 3.8K submissions across 13 categories, Emerson saw its name added to a list of winners that includes the likes of Lenovo, Qualcomm, Apple, General Electric, and Cisco. Emerson was chosen as its category winner thanks to its work on sustainability-enabling technology, life-saving drugs, and Boundless Automation™ automation architecture.

Emerson’s automation architecture aims to empower enterprises to optimize their manufacturing capabilities while balancing production goals with sustainability and reliability. It does this by creating “seamless data highways” that make it possible for software applications to be executed directly from smart field devices, edge nodes, and the cloud.

The DeltaV Edge Environment, Emerson’s latest product of its Boundless Automation vision, offers greater performance and security when transferring data across different domains. Not only does this improve decision-making by providing “deeper operational insights” but it also makes experimentation much more accessible.

Emerson CEO and President Lal Karsanbhai expressed the company’s gratitude while also referring to what he considers the “most urgent challenges of our time”. According to Karsanbhai, these are a diminishing industrial workforce, the transition to low-carbon energy sources, and the need for more effective treatments for many diseases.

IoT Breakthrough has been awarding companies in the IoT industries for eight years, quickly becoming an institution in the growing space. According to the organization, the award’s mission is “to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, creativity, hard work and success” in the IoT Industry. By offering products that boost manufacturing and automation across many industries, Emerson has become a key player in helping tackle the challenges Karsanhai referred to. IoT Breakthrough’s Managing Director Steve Johansson acknowledged this by saying Emerson’s consistent wins are the result of “how effectively it leverages its decades of expertise” to help institutions “address the needs of the future.”

Article Source: Emerson