DuoSkin Is a Temporary Wearable Tattoo Capable of Remotely Controlling Your Phone

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Despatch Thermal Processing Technology

It was only a matter of time but thanks to researchers from MIT and Microsoft, we now have a smart, wearable tattoo.

Incredibly, the wearable tattoo which is only temporary, can be used to remotely control your smartphone or share data using NFC.

Called the DuoSkin, MIT reports that the tattoo is a circuit capable of being created with any graphic software. The tat can then be stamped out into a gold leaf, conductive to electricity, at which point other interactive components can be added to ultimately make the design interactive.

Many wearable tech experts are comparing DuoSkin to “smart” patches more so than tattoos but if I’m being honest, the terms “smart tattoo” or wearable tattoo sound much cooler.

Anyhow, the fact that people may soon be walking around with temporary tattoos capable of controlling their electronics is a testament to just how rapidly wearable tech is advancing.]