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High-tolerance, multi-point vacuum system for process certainty

The Despatch composite curing system offers an integrated, multi-port vacuum system and jack panels to connect as many thermocouples as needed for monitoring the curing process. Mold preparation, including preheating, drying and cleaning processes, can also be provided.

Vacuum ports, filters and valves are constantly monitored by the Focal Point controller to detect leaks and ensure a consistent pressure on the part. Vacuum pressure is monitored and recorded throughout the cure cycle.

Parts cured in a Despatch composite curing system have been proven to be void-free and meet the highest standards of the aerospace industry.

Composite Curing Spec Sheet

LBB Spec SheetComposite Curing Spec Sheet

Standard Features:

  • Jack panel thermocouple arrays to fully monitor product
  • Unlimited vacuum ports can be added for easy connection to the vacuum bag within the oven
  • Vacuum and pressure monitoring with data recording throughout cure cycle
  • Vacuum pump and all required components for complete system
  • Stringent vacuum stability tolerances less than 1” Hg loss per hour at 25”Hg
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