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Safire Dual Chamber Firing Furnace
with DriTech Dryer and PowerLock

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The Safire™ Firing Furnace with DriTech™ Dryer is designed with advanced features and technologies that ensure superior stability, repeatability and cell efficiency in a high capacity platform.

The Safire's twin chamber design features two independently controlled furnaces which eliminates the lane-to-lane influence found in traditional dual-lane furnaces. Microzone™ Technology provides the ability to precisely tailor thermal profiles around advanced materials and architectures. SolectFireTM enables independent top/bottom temperature control enables optimized frontside and backside firing. The DriTech™ Dryer is designed for a fast peak thermal profile that delivers maximum VOC release at an early stage resulting in maximum paste drying efficiency. The dryer's thermal oxidizer ensures that VOCs are removed to prevent furnace and facility contamination.

Safire Spec SheetSafire Spec Sheet

Safire Image

PowerLock LID Prevention
The Safire now features PowerLock™ technology which suppresses LID on PERC cells from 3-6% down to ~1%. The system is integrated into the Safire resulting in a small footprint and no material handling. PowerLock uses LED light that provide twice the lumens per watt and ten times longer life compared to the arc lamps used in other systems on the market.

Standard Features:

  • Uniform, stable and repeatable
    cavity temperature (+/- 2℃)
  • Dual independent chambers
    with no lane to lane influences
  • Exact profile repeatability
  • Soft start with reduced
    connected load
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Rapid thermal ramping
    (up to 250℃/sec)
  • Enhanced thermal cooling
    (up to 160℃/sec)
  • Up to 762 cm/minute belt speed
  • Edge contact belt
  • Precise control for advanced
    cell metrics
  • Enhanced Microzone™ Technology for precise thermal control





  • Enhanced SolectFire™
    Technology for top/bottom temperature control
  • Master production
    control interface
  • Data logging and data trending
  • DriTech™ Dryer with integrated
    VOC Thermal Oxidizer
  • Hot swappable lamps
    on furnace
  • 99% uptime
    (highest in the industry)


  • Profiling systems
  • CE compliance
  • PowerLock LID prevention


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