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Despatch has over 100 years of proven success in partnering with customers to deliver complex thermal processing solutions.We will work with you to evolve an existing oven or furnace to suit your application. We will also collaborate on developing a first-of-its-kind process as long as there is a potential for repeat orders. Our innovative designs are backed by seasoned engineers with decades of experience completing projects on time, on budget and always to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our expertise in custom products spans many markets and applications including:

  • Continuous processing methodologies
  • Thermal processing technologies
  • Inert environment creation, measure and controls
  • Process reporting
  • Particulate measurement and controls
  • Materials processing
  • Temperature uniformity and control
  • Infrared applications

Below are examples of custom applications that Despatch has done

FCH2-12 furnace for
Benchtop oven for
pharmaceutical lab
Cabinet oven for
curing contact lenses
Walk-in oven with
stainless steel exterior
Conveyor oven for
curing lens coatings
Non-magnetic oven for
testing drilling tools
Benchtop oven for
splicing fiber
Lab oven with custom
software package
Dual chamber
walk-in oven
Non-magnetic PTB test
oven for drilling tools
PNF inert atmosphere
oven for aging copper
Conveyor oven for low
temperature curing
Conveyor oven for
sterilizing surgical items
Cabinet oven with
inert atmosphere
PTE top loading oven Clean room oven for
Custom burn-in oven
for semiconductors
Custom door on PNE
walk-in oven
Conveyor oven with
custom entry and exit
Dual chamber oven for
contact lens curing
Inert atmosphere
cabinet oven
RFD cabinet oven with
custom doors
HEPA filtered conveyor
oven with Teflon belt
LAC oven with custom
gliding drawer
Custom oven cart for
billet mixing
Custom oven cart for
drying filters
TAC walk-in oven with
side cart
Conveyor oven for
curing ammunition
TAD3-10 walk-in
oven with drawers
Conveyor oven for fuel
cell processing
Clean process walk-in
oven for medical
TAC walk-in oven for
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