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CF Series Metallization
Drying and Firing Furnace

The Worlds Best Selling Metallization Furnace

For highly efficient solar cells at the lowest possible cost, more solar manufacturers choose Despatch Firing Furnaces than any other brand.

The drying and firing system is easily integrated with every major metallization printer line and provides advanced technology to accomodate next generation pastes.

The furnace is now available with SolectFire™ Technology. This critical advancement opens the process window and gives operators independent open and closed loop control of the top and bottom of each firing zone. This innovative decoupling technology provides greater thermal control and sets the stage for next generation pastes.

Despatch CF-Series metallization furnaces are designed for high throughput, ease of maintenance, and consistent process repeatability ensuring consistently high yields and superior product quality. Patented push-button chamber access and optional VOC Thermal Oxidizers make maintenance easy. These innovations maximize performance and up time and result in lowest cost of ownership while producing the highest efficiency cells.

CF-SL Spec SheetCF-SL Spec Sheet

Selectfire Image

CF with VOC
CDF-SL Drying and Firing Furnace with optional VOC Thermal Oxidizers.

Standard Features:

  • Rapid thermal ramping
    (up to 200°C/sec)
  • Enhanced thermal cooling
    (up to 100°C/sec)
  • Up to 760cm/minute (300ipm)
    belt speed
  • Uniform, stable and repeatable
    cavity temperature (+/- 2°C)
  • Mesh belt with stand-offs
  • Soft start with reduced
    connected load
  • Enhanced software recipe management
  • Advanced graphical user interface
  • Master production control interface
  • Data logging
  • Redundant over-temperature shutdown





  • Safe, simple chamber accessibility
  • Eye-level electronics for easy maintenance
  • Failed element monitor
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Integration to wafer automation equipment


  • SolectFire™ Technology
  • Edge contact belt
  • Profiling systems
  • VOC thermal oxidizer
  • CE compliance


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