You Can Now Buy a Solar Inverter Made by Tesla

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Tesla has finally created its very own solar inverter, which completes the Tesla home solar system and closes that final non-high-tech link of the chain. Tesla is an expert in electric and power electronics systems so this was just a matter of time and that time has now come.

Also, since the Tesla Solar Inverter is compatible with regular solar panels and an array of non-Tesla systems, one can pick the product and still enjoy a galore of benefits that come with it.

First of all, it is built on ‘Powerwall 2’ tech and has a power efficiency of 97.5%. It comes in two sizes, namely 3.8 kW and 7.6 kW, can be installed indoors or outdoors, operates within the temperature range of -22°F to 113°F (-30°C to 45°C), and it features a “tidy” design so it’s relatively small and sexy. So, clearly, this is a solar versatile inverter that doesn’t need special installation or operational requirements.

Safety-wise, Tesla’s solar inverter features integrated rapid shutdown, arc fault, and ground fault protection. The American company is confident enough to give a warranty of 12.5 years, which is around what most companies offer for this type of product, although some take it as high as 25 years. We suppose that this was a decision led by Tesla’s lack of verdancy in building solar inverters, as their products are top quality otherwise.

As for the high-tech part, which is the true differentiator, there will be a special place on the Tesla app for the new product, but there’s not much info around the level of the system integration yet.

What was made known is the presence of Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and cellular connectivity through which the Solar Inverter will be also receiving OTA (over-the-air) updates. Of course, the Tesla app will also allow users to manage their solar system, monitor energy consumption, and check for error warnings before things escalate to costly damages.

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay