Xiaomi’s New Bendable Touchscreen Could Change Electronics Forever

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A number of companies are racing to develop a viable bendable touchscreen capable of changing the landscape of the electronics industry.

Samsung, Lenovo, and LG are a few of the major players working to develop a bendable touchscreen, which would revolutionize televisions, tablets, and smartphones.

However, thanks to a short video making the rounds on the internet, it would appear the company closest to realizing a functional bendable touchscreen is Xiaomi.

While we don’t see the user in the video actually bending the screen back in forth, the device itself is bent and the screen definitely responds intuitively to touch commands.

It was rumored that Samsung might release two smartphones with bendable OLED screens as early as next year, but the Bloomberg report has yet to be confirmed by Samsung officials.

Right now, it’s quite possible that Xiaomi is the front runner all the other major electronics companies are working to catch up to.