Watch Under Armour’s New $300 3D Printed Shoe Get Put to The Test

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Under Armour has developed a new $300 3D printed shoe called the UA Architech as a way to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary.

Part of the reason the 3D printed shoe is so expensive is due to the fact the company only plans to make 96 pairs at the moment.

In fact, the midsole of each and every shoe is 3D printed in Under Armour’s lab in downtown Baltimore.]

The knock on 3D printed products has always been the durability of 3D printed components, so in the video below you can watch the folks at Gizmodo put the 3D printed shoe to the test.

Surprisingly, the shoe holds up well for being intentionally beaten and battered, showing that 3D printing within the shoe industry looks promising moving forward.