Tired of Dry Eyes? New Wireless Implant, The Oculeve, Will Kickstart Tear Production

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For many people, dry eyes are a direct result of their lacrimal glands not producing enough moisture in their tear ducts. For others, staring at a computer screen at work for hours at a time, on a daily basis, contributes to experiencing dry eyes.

Medicine and eye drops help to a certain extent but Stanford’s Michael Ackermann is determined to develop a better and more immediate fix to the annoying issue.

His new device, called the Oculeve, stimulates the lacrimal glands to kickstart tear production. The implant provides on-demand relief utilizing the user’s actual tears—made up of oils, water, proteins, and mucus, helping add moisture and protection to suffering eyeballs.]

Basically, eye drops try to emulate what the Oculeve actually provides for your eyes… The real lubrication needed to fight dry eyes!

Unfortunately, Ackermann’s invention is not a permanent fix to dry eyes, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. Thanks to wireless technology, the implant can be injected under a user’s skin below the patient’s eyebrow, or within the nasal cavity where it can then be remotely controlled to alleviate dry eyes at the push of a button.

Currently, clinical trial are taking place across the globe as the Oculeve prepares to be sold worldwide in the near future.