The Vertical Field Vegetable Container Farms

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What are They?

Vertical farms are a new invention anda lasting solution in the fast-developing urban areas. With the population increasing drastically, these vertical farms are offering reliable alternatives that not only save space but retain the original quality of products even as we shift from traditional agriculture.

The Vertical Field

Take the case of The Vertical Field, which is the pioneer company steering forth the agenda of vertical farms in 20ft or 40ft containers according to Contrary to the hydroponic agricultural systems that saturate their produce in nutrient-packed liquid mediums, The Vertical Field incorporates the use of geoponic agricultural systems that allow the plants to grow in natural conditions. According to the company, they consider the produce of geoponic systems more colorful, flavored, and higher quality than hydroponic produce.

  • The company’s CEO, one Guy Elitzur, acknowledges the environmental sustainability that the products promote and further states that the alternatives offered in place of traditional agriculture are user-friendly. Indeed, the biodegradable packaging of the company tells it all.

How Sustainable?

The concept of geoponic agriculture in containers is a viable venture especially in urban areas as natural food production continues conveniently in such confined spaces. The mobility of the system makes it easy to install in accessible places such as parking lots or backyards of supermarkets and grocery stores. It is reported that the system saves up to 90% of water in comparison with traditional agriculture!


It is explained by one Winston, “The container is kept bug-free because it is sealed off, automated, and we limit human entry to only essential people and essential work. The container farm itself is not a street vendor or a point of sale, therefore unnecessary or frequent entry does not occur.”

  • Even as this system embraces technological advancement through the use of an automated growing process that irrigates and fertilizes the plants, it creates great convenience due to the minimal need for human labor. Therefore, vertical farms as introduced by The Vertical Field are a new technique worth embracing.

Watch the short video on YouTube below to get a glimpse.

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