SpaceX Releases 4K Footage of Its Latest Successful Falcon 9 Rocket Landing

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Leave it to SpaceX to not only successfully land its Falcon 9 rocket for the 11th time ever recently, but to release perfectly crystal clear 4K footage of the accomplishment shot at 60 frames per second.

The feat marked SpaceX’s fifth landing on solid ground, which took place in close proximity to the beach at Cape Canaveral.

The aerial footage is insanely high quality and hard to look away from, even showcasing the company’s trademark “X” target which Elon Musk says was done in “radio reflective paint” so that the rocket could nail the landing.

SpaceX appears to have the right formula for landing on land, as it has gone according to plan every time thus far. The same cannot be said for the company’s landing attempts on barges in the ocean, but obviously there are many more factors at play in those scenarios.