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Sintavia Awarded Contract To Develop 3D Printing For The US Navy


The US Navy is always on the cutting edge of technology, and 3D printing is the most recent addition to its arsenal. Sintavia, a Florida-based additive manufacturing business, has been awarded a contract to develop 3D printing solutions for the US Navy, bringing cutting-edge technology to naval applications.

Florida-based additive manufacturing company Sintavia has sealed a big deal with Bechtel Plant Machinery (BPMI) to build a new additive manufacturing facility in Hollywood, Florida. The new facility will support the United States Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program.

Specifically, it will create and manufacture advanced nuclear propulsion systems for submarine programs of the United States Navy that are both in production and in development, including the next-generation nuclear-powered attack submarine. These systems will be constructed using additive manufacturing.

Sintavia’s Founder and CEO, Brian Neff, believes that additive technology is a superior method for supplying complex systems across the Aerospace & Defense industry. “But a full adoption of the technology is not possible without investments in the materials, processes, and quality systems needed to additively produce these difficult systems successfully and repeatedly investments,” he added, highlighting that “Sintavia has been making over the past seven years.”

Additive manufacturing is one of the most important components of Industry 4.0. Earlier technologies aimed to accelerate product development and market penetration. The possibilities of additive manufacturing are now unlimited and constantly developing.

In the latest chapters of submarine platforms’ development, the US Navy is looking to exploit the benefits of additive manufacturing in creating and upholding important naval assets and systems

Sintavia is committed to the success of these Navy programs and looks forward to establishing a longstanding partnership with BPMI and supporting the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program in the coming years. The operation is scheduled to take off in the second quarter of 2023. With this contract, Sintavia can leverage its expertise in additive manufacturing to support the US Navy in developing advanced nuclear-powered submarines that will help ensure the country’s safety and security.

Image by Maria from Pixabay
Article Source: BUSINESS WIRE