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Screen Printing Ultrathin Batteries on Solar Panels and Other Devices

Despatch Thermal Processing Technology

The adoption of solar energy across the world has been massive, but things may get even better with the availability of new screen printed batteries that can drastically reduce the cost of collecting solar energy. Screen printed batteries would be printed as part of ultrathin solar panels.

Researchers at the University of Queensland (UQ) and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia have developed a new technique for printing thin energy storage devices on flexible screens. UQ and UNSW have been working with Printed Energy of Australia which combines the following areas of expertise to deliver their product:

  • Optics, photovoltaic systems, patent and innovation analysis
  • Electrochemistry, interfaces and physical chemistry
  • Ink formulations, synthesis and analysis of nanomaterials
  • Assembly and testing of finished battery products
  • LEAN manufacturing
  • Coating and printing technologies
  • Battery cell and electrochemical cell manufacturing

Another company developing similar technology is Imprint Energy, a battery technology company that has developed ultrathin, flexible printed electronics for use on wearables, medical devices, and more. Imprint Energy has been named to the Global Cleantech Top 100 (2014), MIT’s 50 Smartest Companies, and MIT Review’s 35 Innovators Under 35 (2016).

One potential market for both Printed Energy and Imprint Energy could be printing thin solar energy-collecting films on devices of all kinds, helping power them.

The following video shows UNSW’s “Solar Cell Screen Printing Process.”