Samsung Is Building a Monstrous $14 Billion Semiconductor Complex Larger Than 400 Football Fields

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Samsung is making major moves in South Korea, as the electronics giant is currently in the process of building a $14 billion semiconductor complex larger than 400 football fields en route to establishing its own Silicon Valley so-to-speak.

The “Pyeongtaek Semiconductor Valley” is set to open in 2017, and will look to elevate Samsung as the maker of the most semiconductors in the world, a title the company already holds when it comes to manufacturing smartphones.

Located in the city of Pyeongtaek, approximately a three hour drive from downtown Seoul, the factory will reportedly produce D-RAM and chips for the Internet of Things market.

With smartphone profits lagging a bit for Samsung at the moment, their semiconductor chip expansion probably represents the best business move for the company.

Apple relies on Samsung’s chips for iPhones and guess what? They sell a lot of iPhones!