Robot Arms From RightHand Robotics Are Capable of Picking Up Peculiar Objects

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It’s not a matter of if but when robots will take our jobs at this point.

Technology and specifically as it pertains to robotics is advancing at an incredible rate within seemingly groundbreaking developments coming out on a weekly or monthly basis.

RightHand Robotics has developed self-learning robot arms that can not only pick up unusual objects rather easily, but also teach each other the best way to do so.

That level of robotic intelligence is a bit scary when you start to think about it.

As online ordering continues to become a bigger and bigger trend, more fulfillment centers, factories, and warehouses are a necessity, and as such so are robots capable of fulfilling the orders.

Robot arms like the ones from RightHand Robotics are essential to these processes as they are more efficient and cost-effective than humans.

Coupled with the fact these arms can now handle picking up a variety of peculiar objects and get better and better at through experience, and it becomes apparent these are interesting times.

The arms from RightHand Robotics utilize machine learning techniques, along with a multi-fingered gripper and suction tool, as well as a camera to adapt to unfamiliar objects as needed.

The robots are then able to mold and tweak their algorithms over time in order to improve efficiency as they obtain new intelligence.

Each arm is connected to the cloud at all times so the robots can share their collective knowledge and expedite the inevitable which is taking all our jobs in the near future.