Researchers Create Graphene Light Bulb More Efficient Than An LED. The Future Is Bright!

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Graphene, a form of pure carbon accompanied by a super-strong hexagonal structure at just a single atom thick, has many incredible properties.

However, finding practical commercial applications for graphene has always been a bit daunting.

Until now…

Researchers at the National Graphene Institute, based at the U.K.’s University of Manchester, have developed a graphene light bulb prototype, more efficient than an LED.

In fact, the new graphene bulb, which is also dimmable, is estimated to be upwards of 10 percent more efficient than traditional LED lights, thanks to the substance’s excellent conductivity.

And the best part is, the graphene bulb is set to go on sale later this year, priced competitively to current industry leading bulbs.

The Graphene Lighting Company will be tasked with selling the graphene light bulb, of which he University of Manchester will have a stake in, and its success could directly lead to a trend of innovative, graphene-based products.

For now we will see how graphene fares in lighting before utilizing it in touchscreens, batteries, water filtration systems, and even lightweight aircraft.