New Powdered Glue Only Becomes Sticky When You Crush It Up

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Scientists from Osaka Institute of Technology in Japan have developed a new type of powdered glue that remains completely dry until you squish it.

Once the powdered glue is crushed up, it becomes extremely sticky, essentially providing the user with small balls of dry glue that can have their adhesive properties activated at any time.

The balls of powdered glue are technically beads of liquid latex coated in calcium-carbonate nanoparticles, capable of being rolled around in your hand without any adhesive action taking place whatsoever.

Japanese researchers discovered that when the beads are compressed, liquid latex bursts forth, ultimately creating the glue you can see in the video below.

For now, the plan is to use the powdered glue in applications where it is pertinent to not to get stuck on something while maneuvering the beads into a specific space or product.

Read the full details on the powdered glue in Materials Horizon.