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New Innovation Makes Fast And Cost-Effective Manufacture Of Jewelry


Jewelry manufacturing is not just the story of art. Making a piece of jewelry has long been linked with science and innovation. And innovation comes at a price, quite literally. Reaching an equilibrium between reasonable price and skilled craftsmanship remains challenging. But new technology could bring an ultimate solution.

3D Systems, a US leading manufacturing solutions company, just introduced a 3D-printing machine ProJet MJP 2500W Plus that helps speed up the production of wax pieces while ensuring high quality.

The machine produces wax patterns with the minimization of precious metal waste. 3D Systems’ jewelry solution enables high-performance operation no matter how many textures or complex your design

Equipped with a new ZHD print mode, the ProJet MJP 2500W Plus 3D has a high resolution by double without consuming more wax. So the finishing does not need polishing by hand as much, minimizing material waste, and improving profitability. This advantage enables customers to increase throughput by up to 25% and create designs that are much more complicated.

With Visijet 100% wax materials, the new 3D-printing machine can sharpen every detail, even small details, and thin edges. Print speed is 2 times faster. Post-print processing time is faster than other 3D printers on the market. The 3D Sprint software from 3D Systems lets users speed up the process of going from a file to a pattern.

Previously, all jewelry was handcrafted, requiring meticulousness, ingenuity, and precision from the hands of artisans. It can take hours and hours to create wax workpieces with precise details, gorgeous designs, and great precision from the component elements. This makes perfecting a product that requires a lot of time and work. Furthermore, product designs lack variation and variability.

But, with the advancement of modern technology, the emergence of 3D printing technologies has made the jewelry sector easier than before. Not only do we create items with diverse, crisp, and elegant styles and categories. Most crucially, the transition from hand-crafting to AI-aided parametric design and subsequently 3D printing of cast wax has changed the business in a more cost-effective and high-quality fashion.

Photo by Opt Lasers on Unsplash